Sunday, September 11, 2016

What you should know about me

These are some of my roommates and best friends here at RIC,
these girls encourage and motivate me everyday and
I could never imagine being without them.
It's true! You really do meet your best friends in college!
I play ultimate Frisbee for RIC, it started out as a way to stay
fit through out the school year but it has become a major part
of my life. This is the only sports team I have ever been I have
ever been apart of!  
I love to travel
Last November my older sister and I went to the Azores in
 Portugal where we swam in volcanic waters, hiked, and
ate some island delicacies.
I love being outdoors, going on adventures, hiking and

This is Mr. Boudreau, my high school Auto Mechanics teacher.
Thanks to the great guy I now know how to work on cars!
I love working on my own vehicles and having common
knowledge about cars!  

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