Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Empowering Education

Empowering Education-“Education is Politics”
Ira Shor


So, after reading Ira Shor's first few chapters in "Empowering Education" I've summed it up as a pretty decent way to end our reading selection for the semester. There are so many voices, opinions, and ideas that pop into my mind from the pieces we have covered this semester about what we must begin shaping our education system to be in order to keep our students engaged!
Shor suggests that schooling is a prominently social experience for children this mostly means that although children are learning about history, English, science and math, they are most intently learning about the society they live in and their role in it. The system we have in our schools now is pushing students away from asking questions about the world and wanting to learn. We have begun duplicating genetically formed kids to think, act, and dream a certain way in order to fit in.. As Shor says "curriculum is one place where dominant culture can either be supported or challenged, depending on the way knowledge is presented and studied" and I believe it's time to challenge the norms and begin using the creative and innovative methods to keep our children engaged and curious!


  1. I love the video you found! The work that those people are trying to do is amazing. A mobile education would be one of the best things ever created for children who don't have the means of getting textbooks or even pencils.

  2. I also love the video you posted! The amount of children in this world that don't have access to a proper education is shameful and the people in this video are passionate about making a difference. A mobile education could change so many children's lives in a positive way.