Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How Influential is gender to the 2016 Presidential Election?

Donald Trump, Locker Rooms and Toxic Masculinity by Jill Soloway
Hillary Clinton Raises Her Voice, and a Debate Over Speech and Sexism Rages by Amy Chozick

                                                Power, privilege, and voting

This, the 2016 Presidential election, has to be the most talked about, argued over, and exploited election in all of history. Or if not in all history, then most definitely the most controversial in my life time. Which is saying something because in 2008 America's first black president was elected and held office for two full terms! He inspired many people by defying statistics and rising above expectations by challenging the image of who is eligible to be the president of the United States. Our track record of white, wealthy, well educated men, upholding the position of power was diminished when Obama proved that anyone despite their ethnicity, race, religion, or upbringing is eligible to be president.

So, although people are in uproar expressing their outrage about the first female presidential candidate this isn't far fetched from the progressive steps we took as a country when electing Obama. But why are people loosing their shit?!? Hillary has great potential as our next President, she is "able to string together paragraphs of complex policy talk off the cuff" and does it with grace all while being harassed by her opponent and the media about her lack of attractive appeal, how she speaks, and her credibility as a candidate. We have people coming out of the wood works to making statements like her voice is "loud, flat, and harassing to hear", stating that she choices to use a "decidedly grating pitch and punishing tone", meanwhile she is just trying to be heard over a crowd of misogynistic mean who feed off of toxic masculinity. Besides, in this election have you seen a debate where Trump did not raise his voice to a punishing tone, yell over, talk down to, and humiliate Mrs. Clinton? Yea. Me either.

I think the real problem is as a country we have never had to deal with gender such an explicit manner as a country. Lisa Delpit demonstrates to us in  "Other Peoples Children" that our society runs off of a set of silent codes and rules for participating in power, and these guidelines lay out exactly what type of person would be considered fit to be our president. And i'll give you a hint, it not a woman. Much like Delpit, Griner who introduced the acronym S.C.W.A.A.M.P to us also defines our societies dominant ideology as straightness, Christianity, whiteness, able-bodied-ness, american-ness, male-ness, and property/ ownership.
Trump is a wealthy, educated, established white man who comes from money and demands respect simply because he fits the concrete mold of what our society views as powerful. In Soloways article she discusses how Donald Trump, and men alike, consistently degrade, judge, and itemize woman publicly as a way to defend their masculinity and threaten their opponent. In Chozick's article she speaking in simple negative sentences, with lack of purpose. Often when pressed with questions based on his ethics(instead of taking responsibility) he will turn the prompt of his opponent and highlight their faults and disadvantages.
discusses just how many men have passed judgment on Hillary Clinton for not only political policies but for how speaks, her body language when she speaks, and her lack of sexual appeal.. The last time I checked every time Trump opens his mouth during a debate he is loud,

Points of discussion:

  1. Why is it that when a woman raises her voice its shouting and shrill but when a man raises his voice it's considered enthusiastic? 
  2. This debate is so frustrating and causes me so many anxiety.. I am not necessarily pro Clinton, but if Hillary becomes president then Trump will not be in office... and that is what is most important to me.... How about we have Obama and president forever!

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