Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Unlearning the Myth that Blind Us

Unlearning the Myths that Blind Us  By Linda Christensen


Linda Christensen discussed how societies cultural industry colonizes how our children act, live, and dream. She says that the industrially produced fiction "taught a certain style of violence, the latest fashion, and sex roles by tv, movies, magazines, and comic strips; also taught how to succeed, how to love, how to buy, how to concur, how to forget the past and suppress the future." What this means to me is that the main source of information we are receiving as children is mostly bias and distorted opinions expressed to us by our family, and social environments.

This article How do parents' own biases impact their children? discusses just how influential adult opinion, body language, facial expressions are to their children and how a parent can take the right steps to allowing their children to make their own conscious opinions.

Talking Points:

  • Parental influence is more than just how children view the world but also how they act in our societies. Parents who are loving, warm, open and responsive will have children who go out into the world as loving, warm, open, and responsive individuals.
    • In return families who are often angry, yelling, and belittling to their children then breed children who go out into the world as bullies belittling their peers.
    • Children learn more from what you are than what you preach.


  1. I liked the article that you hyperlinked in. I also like your talking points about how "children learn more from what you are than what you preach".

  2. It was interesting that you decided to talk about the role of parents and other adults in our lives growing up rather than just focusing on school.Your graphic does a great job of tying that together and it was really well chosen!